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Signpost MAPS

How to get there

How to get to the museum by road, NOT flying.

England, UK,
within Europe
England within Europe

The county of Norfolk
within England, UK

Norfolk in UK

within Norfolk
Hardwick in Norfolk

Post Code:   NR35 2BA

Lat:   52.470913 - 52° 28' 15.2868"
Lon:    1.3327310 -  1° 19' 57.8316"

What3words:   ///butlers.joys.flopping                      (access road, White Gates)
What3words:   ///swanky.bangle.demanding///
      (museum site, mess-hut)

(NB! What3words ENGLISH language site)


OK, let's assume that you are already in the UK and in Norfolk or Suffolk.

From Norwich

Take the A140 south towards Ipswich.

About 10 miles (16km) south, after the village of Tasburgh, turn left onto the B1527 (formerly B1135) east towards Bungay.

Then see below *    


From Ipswich

Take the A140 north towards Norwich.

About 1 mile (1.5km) north of Long Stratton, turn right onto the B1527 (formerly B1135) east towards Bungay.

Then see below *    


From the east

Head for Bungay in Suffolk.

Follow the complex Google route from Bungay below. **


SatNav (GPS) or NOT ?

There are countless other routes along Norfolk's meandering narrow by-ways, so turn off your SatNav (GPS) and just enjoy the countryside.

All right then, for those of you who lack a sense adventure here are the GPS coordinates

   Lat: 52.470913 - 52° 28' 15.2868"
   Lon:  1.3327310 -  1° 19' 57.8316"

This may not be strictly to the inch/mm but it'll get you there.


...(cont'd/) *
OK, you have only 15 minutes, 6 miles (10 km) to go.

On the B1527 (formerly B1135) — after leaving the village of Hempnall, turn right in about ½ mile (800m) towards Hempnall (The) Greens along Alburgh Road.

Continue for about 1 mile (1.5 km), straight on past the Hempnall "Three Horseshoes" public house on your left.   After a further ½ mile (800m), turn sharp left, then sharp right.   The airfield is now on your right but don't stop yet.

After about 400 yards (metres), turn left into Barford Road towards Topcroft.

After a further sharp left and right, keep straight on at the 'T' junction along Denton Road.   Don't turn left into Topcroft Street.

After about 200 yards (metres), look for some white gates on your right.   Turn through this opening onto a private concrete road, which used to be part of the airfield.   The 93rd Bomb Group Museum is on the next series of sharp bends.  

Please drive slowly and carefully.   On OPEN DAYS a one-way system may be in operation.

See photo below.


Google Maps routes

Google Maps route from Norwich to Tasburgh / Long Stratton using the A140 and B1527 (formerly B1135).

Google Maps route ** from Bungay via the A143, B1132 and Topcroft Street.   A pleasant trip along Norfolk's country lanes.

The Museum's location near Topcroft Street
(NOT Hardwick village).

Museum in Topcroft 1

The Museum Site.
Museum in Topcroft 1

The access road at the White Gate(s) on Denton Road at the village of Topcroft Street.


To help you find us look for these panels
at the white gates on OPEN DAYS.

'A' sign Go left
Featuring: Dinah-Mite
or is it Dinah-Might? 

Can you help identify this nose-art?
Tell us on our CONTACT page.

'A' sign Go Right
Featuring: 'T-N-Tina'

You can see more Nose-Art in GALLERY.


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If you found us by mistake, please stay and enjoy, then bookmark our url.

93rd Bombardment Group Museum, Station 104, Hardwick, Norfolk, UK.

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