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How to find us — see the MAPS page.



  • Oldest B-24 Bomb Group in 8th Air Force
  • Flew most missions of any Group in 8th Air Force
  • First Bomb Squadron (329th) to penetrate German airspace 2-Jan-43
  • Most traveled Bomb Group in 8th Air Force
  • First heavy bomber to fly 25 missions: B-24 41-23728 'Hot Stuff' 330BS
  • First B-24 to complete 50 missions 'Boomerang'
  • Only wartime unit in the USAF that has not been inactivated since its original formation

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Hardwick Aerodrome Film


Wide Liberator Photo
(Acknowledgement: Michael Graves).


The four squadron images below are from actual badges/patches at Hardwick.

spacer328th Patch
Wiki Link (GO)

A personal Diary Link
from T/Sgt Emilio N Fantasia

spacer329th Patch
Wiki Link (RE)

spacer330th Patch
Wiki Link (AG)

spacer409th Patch
Wiki Link (YM)
(now the 909th)


The museum is open on the third Sunday of the month from
May to October, 10am (10h00) - 5pm (17h00).
refreshments are usually available in the Mess Hall.

FREE TOURS for VETERANS - If you are a veteran or the family of a veteran,
read our EVENTS (OPEN DAYS) page before you PAY someone else to show you around.


93rd Bomb Group Museum

93rd Bomb Group Museum Logo
(Click on it to go to the Museum page)

B-24 Liberator

B-24 Liberator
(click on it to go to the B24 gallery)

Initially stationed at Alconbury from 6th September 1942, the group moved to Hardwick on 6th December 1942.   The Group was equipped with the Liberator flying the B-24D, B-24E, B-24J, and finally the B-24L and B-25M models.


The 93rd BG Museum, Station 104 is a WWII Airfield Museum in England, UK.

Dedicated to the memory of those who served in the 93rd Bombardment Group (H) of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF), known as 'The Travelling Circus', or 'Ted's Travelling Circus'. Flying the B-24 Liberator from Hardwick airfield.

The museum is located in original Nissen (Quonset) huts (yes, there is a differnce) on part of Harwick airfield, near the village of Topcroft in Norfolk, UK.

As well as browsing our website, please come and see us on the real 'site' at Hardwick for one of our EVENTS.

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93rd Bombardment Group Museum, Station 104, Hardwick, Norfolk, UK.

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