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Crew 104

The 93rd Bomb Group Museum is run by a group of volounteers and friends who oversee the museum's
affairs.   New people who can contribute knowledge, trade or business skills, no matter how slight, are always welcome.


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° Curator / Team Leader:
          Paul Thrower (see CONTACT page)

° Historian:
          Don Morrision fb Don

° Research:

° Facebook group admin:
          Colin Mann fb Colin, Don Morrision fb Don, Seth Reeder fb Seth,
          Chris Rice fb Chris, Leah Youung fb Leah, Roger Fenton fb Roger

° Twitter admin:
          Seth Reeder

° WebMaster:
          Seth Reeder fb Seth
          Deputies: Chis Rice fb Chris and Alan Sill fb Roger

° Catering crew:
          Margaret (cook), Terry, Jacky and Eileen

° Ground team:
          Chris, May, Derek, Lenny and Richard

Not all names may have been shown.
pologies for any omissions.
No favouritism is intended.

Many thanks to everyone mentioned or not.


We can always do with more help, locally on the ground or remotely.
Do get in touch.


If you found us by mistake, please stay and enjoy, then bookmark our url.

93rd Bombardment Group Museum, Station 104, Hardwick, Norfolk, UK.

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